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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  November 28, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EST

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coming up next. good morning everyone a shoot out in the heart of baltimore city sends a young officer to the hospital. and the results are in, did all those black friday deals really bring out holiday shoppers? back to work after a big game down south, the ravens are back in baltimore today taking on the buccaneers, why does this game really count? and looking outside, and what will be the beginning of the ravens fans flocking to the stadium. and live at the baltimore convention center where they're having the biggest table tennis
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tournament in the world, and we'll tell you all about that one coming up. eyewitness news is seconds away. good morning. and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday, i'm gigi barnett. >> and i'm tim williams. it's the last weekend day of this month. >> did you say snow vember? >> no. >> thank goodness. >> let's hope not. >> i don't think we're going to get any snow this november. we definitely have turned the corner temperature wise. it's very chilly.
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bright sunshine. but it's not going to help warm us up very much at all. temperatures are going to stay much like they were yesterday, a little breezy today, temperatures starting off in the 30s. we're going up today with temperatures just around, we'll call it 46 degrees and it's going to be a pretty chilly day as we look out and see basically good bit of sunshine, calmer winds than yesterday. 46 overnight lows back in the 20s and low 30s. >> thank you, tim. a city police officer is recovering after being shot in the line of duty. it happened yesterday in the middle of downtown. now, wjz is learning more about the moments just before the shoot outer underpaymented. >> good morning. this is an officer who was just starting his career, he's only been patrolling the streets or a little over a year. >> reporter: shortly after 1:00 p.m. the intersection of north
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calvert and baltimore streets became the scene of multiple shootings sending a city officer to shock trauma with serious injuries. the policeman confronted the suspect because he appeared to be armed. an assault followed. >> as the police officer made his approach, the suspect quickly turned and fired a shot, striking the officer in the upper left shoulder. >> the bullet ended up lodged in the officer's chest. police commissioner says the attack triggered a heated exchange when the suspect fled, shutting down several downtown streets. >> officers were on the scene, nearly instantaneous to the shooting. and engaged the suspect in a running gun battle. >> reporter: the commissioner seas more than 20 shots were fired. at the time clubs were just shy of closing for the night and the area was packed with customers.
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it is so busy because the stadiums being around and the tourists and everything, the hotel. it's a bill weird. >> yesterday was a holiday, someone, i mean, an innocent bystander do have been shot last night. >> they only wounded the suspect who police say has a notable criminal history. he was able to escape in a car but his car crashed into a light pole and police were able to find him at a hospital. he's in serious condition but expected to survive. >> and police also arrested two men who were in the get away car, right now investigators aren't releasing their names. another shooting in anne arundel dell county leaves
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several people injured. james jones got into an argument with someone inside the bar, those words continued outside when jones pulled out a weapon and chased the man before nulling him. meanwhile jones is in police custody. black friday is over and small business saturday is now gone, economists are you now looking at just how much shoppers spent. customers dished out more than 10 and a half billion dollars just on friday alone. that's a new record for black friday. but as mike explains, small businesses received a lot of attendance this weekend, too. >> parking tamales, maybe the key is to get outside the malls and get to small businesses.
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>> small business saturday. >> two people right at 10:00 a.m., soon as we opened. >> they knew about it. >> it's called shop small saturday. >> praise for that program and another the city of havre de grace has to promote local. >> i can get you a gift receipt just in case. >> at the coffee shop next door, talk about the need to keep the free. the local money in local cash registers. >> as you're going through the process of buying this year, think local first. >> home town america is starting to come back, so people are starting to open up shops and businesses. >> it's comfort. you don't get that in the mall. you get fake comfort. you get plastic comfort. >> sometimes it's plaining the need to go local is easy. >> my father is a self-employed businessman, i'm all about supporting the local guy and i think there are a lot of people here just trying to like make a go of it. >> they say without local
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support, the community loses. >> the young family, small business is everything. >> over all sales will be up this season by about two and a half percent. if you don't want to brave the stores on monday, monday is your cyber monday, a record number of online stores offer big bargains from free shipping to deep discounts. many of those deals begin tonight at midnight. the ravens are back at home tonight, we have more on the ravens touch match up against the bucs. >> the surprising tampa bay buccaneers are in town. they are young, hungry and talented. in fact they're the youngest team in the nfl.
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the coach is morris, 34 years old. they're here with the same record as the ravens, they have an impressive quarterback, josh freeman. tampa's defense is good against the pass, barber is impressive. the ravens are wary of the young buccaneers. >> obviously they're 7-3 football team, it's not a fluke. they are a young aggressive football team that belongs in themselves. they have one of the more physical offensive lines in the league. this running back is a downhill masher, cadillac williams obviously he's one of the proem query backs in the leagues, he's playing really well. >> it's great that you guys are starting to talk about our running game, we've been talking about over the years about
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establishing it. starting to remain with it. tough hard yards and we pop a few and the players are playing well and the quarterback is calling the right calls. >> the ravens defense will also have to keep an eye on mike williams, he's caught 43 passes including six touchdowns, now the ravens are currently tied with the steelers atop the division. pittsburgh will be coming to town a week from tonight. the ravens play four of the final six games at home. today it's against tampa bay. the game kicks off at 4:15. the ravens and the buccaneers have the same 7-3 record. and if you are looking for something to do other than watching football, it is not too late to visit the festival of trees at timonium fair grounds.
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special appearances by dorothy hamill. we're of course a very proud sponsor. all right. >> i haven't gone, i think i'm going to go today. >> i got down there yesterday with my family. got nervous when my wife decided she liked the tiffany tree. >> don't be afraid. >> be very, very afraid. very nice time down there. everyone in a good mood. lot of food and rides. >> good, good. >> definitely a good day to go inside if you don't want to be outside in the cold. but if you are going outside in the cold, of course we're taking about the ravens forecast. forecast for the game looks like this. game time again, this is the one that was moved to 4:15 from 1:00, hopefully you now that by now. sunny and very cool. right around the heat of the day which is only about 45 to 46 degrees then we'll be dropping through the evening into the overnight hours, so dress for the colder temperatures,
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buccaneers and ravens, 4:15 kickoff. a very chilly day at the stadium. it's 32 right now at bwi, 22 the dewpoint, relative humidity, very high barometer rising. we're under a dome of high pressure right now. 27 in cumberland. we have 35 down on the shore. 38 in pax river. 31 in elkton. just a light breeze around most of the region, higher winds right now 14 miles hour at pax river. we're going to calm down with the winds a little from yesterday, yesterday we got pretty gusty at times,ed to will be breezy but nothing like yesterday. we've had a small craft advisory in effect until 8:00 this
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morning that has already been lifted so things are starting to improve. with the high now in control and low pressure system that was just to our north, it brought some lake effect snow yesterday, now completely moving out of the region there's nothing to disturb anything so things have calmed down nicely and we expect to see a nice day with brilliant sunshine. cold temperatures through today. blow the normal, which is just r5 2 degrees, we'll be in the mid- to upper 40s area wide. as this high continues to move off shore we'll expect to see warmer air moving in. it comes with a price. we will see some rain tuesday into wednesday. we'll be back up in temperatures around 60 degrees. your high tied at 8:20 this morning, in about six minutes or so. 46 degrees our day time high. looking for clear and cold conditions and then tomorrow going up to around 50, 60 on
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tuesday, 54, 46 and 45, back down to where we are now by thursday and friday. there is much more to come sunday morning. a new round of talks international leaders call for negotiations as tensions escalate between north and south korea. is it already too late? the website wikileaks prepares to relesion another batch of classified documents, now the white house is responding. and it's the 2010 team table tennis tournament championship in north america, live at the baltimore convention center. we will have details in just a few. first, here's your winning lottery numbers. good luck, everybody. we are back in just a minute.
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welcome back. we're looking at a pretty good forecast for this last sunday of november. with the high pressure it's pulling down some very cold air, but it's also going to eventually move a little bit off shore. as it does, it's going to allow
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for warmer air to move into the region. chance of showers on tuesday into wednesday. high pressure stays with us throughout. the day, it's going to be about 45 at kickoff, we're looking at sunshine throughout the day, clear conditions tonight, 26 degrees and then tomorrow, 50 nice with plenty of sunshine yet again. we'll have completed forecast in just a few moments. back at some of the other stories. just hours after the u.s. and south korea began war games, the north launched another round of artillery fire, none of the rounds landed on south korean soil, but they come days after two civilians were killed. china is calling for both sides to return to diplomatic talks. a strong message from the white house this morning, the obama administration is telling person who leaked thousands of
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documents to reconsider their actions. the website is scheduled to release another round of classified documents as early as today. the white house says releasing that material is not only ill legal but it will also put countless lives at risk and damage u.s. relationships overseas. country singer willie nelson could be singing the jailhouse blues soon. border patrol officers searched his bus. they found six ounces of pot, marijuana, on board. officers detained nelson briefly. he is now facing drug charges. it is a game you probably played a few times before but it's a safe bet that you never played it on this level. >> speak for your self. >> hundreds of the best players of the world are facing off in the tennis table championships.
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sharon, you've done this event before? >> i have been here. this is probably my fifth year here. and it amazes me every year. my photographer, this is his first year, he thought he could take on the 7-year-old little girl phenom player, let's say he didn't do very well. he said that he was secure in his mass can you lynn i at this, though. there are nearly a thousand players that have come here, this is the championship, 14 table -- the biggest one in the world. it is definitely a big deal. and we have katherine woo to tell us more about it. good morning. >> good morning. yeah. this is the biggest tournament in the world by participation. there's nearly a thousand players like you said. and it's been in baltimore for the last 13 years, been a great success. and so, you know, we're really happy all these players have been able to come and they're from different continents,
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different countries and all over the u.s. this is a big event every year. >> some of these players i've talked to them in years past, i mean, table tennis is their career. >> some of them, yes. most of them are just, they play for fun in their free time. in the u.s. its its bigger as a recreational sport. that's why the whole back part of this room is all recreational players. >> and one of the professionals is the 7-year-old little girl that rich tried to take on. >> that's amy from new jersey, she's the youngest player in this tournament, she's seven years old. and she is just blown all her competition away. >> pretty phenomenal. i guess rich can feel okay he wasn't doing that well. you can actually watch these players, it costs $20 to get in. and the actual championship match is going to take place at
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4:00. so the table tennis championship should be going on until about 6. >> he saw that and thought i could take her? >> well he thought it looked like fun. >> okay. >> at first he tried to play her with his hand, then her parents brought him a pad he will, and i told him he had no excuse now. >> wow. >> he let her get warmed up. >> that was a mistake, letting her get warmed up. we'll check back in about 20 minutes. >> i would have looked at her and thought no way. >> i'm not playing a seven-year-old. >> coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning. >> dream come true, baltimore teenager baltimore hillson, she was on the good wife. i'll introduce you to the risin,
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after today's 46-degree high we're looking for 50 degrees. 60 on tuesday with a chance of showers right through wednesday. then in the mid 50s for thursday and friday. overnight lows staying down around 30 to the upper 20s for the end of the week. >> this week a baltimore teen made her television acting debut on the good wife. >> kai introduces us to rachel
8:25 am
rachel hill son. >> this is called study. >> i'm board. >> meet rachel hillson a 15-year-old aspiring actress at the baltimore school for the arts. >> i am a dancer. i'm an athlete. i'm a daughter. i'm a friend. >> and now she's on one of the hottest shows on tv, cbs' the good wife. an opportunity that happened almost overnight. >> exciting. it was incredible. it's definitely the biggest thing. >> starting this week she joins the cast playing a friend of actor bran phillips. >> he's kind of flirty with graham. >> my mom would kill me. >> not if it was one little stud, right there. >> she's smart and driven and her family is from somalia. >> we're studying grandma. >> i know. >> she doesn't like me.
8:26 am
>> tell her you have a 4.2 gpa and she will. >> reporter: that's not too far from reality. >> active in church, focus on schoolwork then we have the extracurriculars. >> reporter: she started to dance as a little girl. she's always been a serious student. her professors says her talents were evident early on. >> she understand what she needed to do, she used the studio time for her own artist particular development. >> reporter: the legacy of talents at the school for the arts is impressive, is includes josh exactlies. >> you have a fellow baltimorean working with you. >> josh exactlies. he went here which is amazing. it's interesting to be in a place where he got his training from and to see where he is now.
8:27 am
>> now, rachel's episode has already aired but you can watch the good wife every tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. >> good luck to her. >> yes. well there's more to come on eyewitness news. officer down, a police officer recovers after a shoot out downtown, the latest on his injuries. another foiled bomb plot on american soil. this one was targeting a holiday celebration. getting into the holiday spirit comes easy to some people. a baltimore christmas tradition,
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welcome back to eyewitness news, sunday morning. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. temperatures around freezing. it is definitely a chilly start to this sunday. we were look out at a bright horizon, this is the last sunday of november. and we do have sun on this sunday, fortunately. >> all right. >> temperatures just aren't going to reflect that. we're going to be pretty much below our normal high of about 52. we'll top out around 46 today with a good bit of sun. tonight clear with again another
8:31 am
moon lit sky. 50 degrees tomorrow night. plenty of sunshine, we do have a showers of this week, but we'll also warm up. >> thank you tim. a young police officer is recovering after he's gunned down yesterday. police say the officer was struck in the chest during a running shoot out with a suspect on calvert street early morning yesterday hours. the officer fired back hitting the suspect several times, that suspect now remains at johns hopkins this morning. at the time neighbors say bars were closing. and the streets were filled with people. >> it is so busy, because the stadium being around and the tourists and everything. the hotels. so yeah it's a little weird. >> yesterday was a holiday, you had children and everything walking up and down here. someone, i mean, an innocent bystander could have been shot. >> investigators say more than 20 shots were fired. the wounded officer is expected to make a full recovery. it didn't take long for police to make an arrest after
8:32 am
someone robbed a local toy store at gun point. less checked the surveillance tape. according to the baltimore sun a woman who works at the store was caught on surveillance video kissing the robber before he went inside. police arrested her, too, they're still searching for her acome police. more than a dozen families are looking for a new place to stay after a fire ripped through their home. it happened at the apartment building on north bend road. firefighters say no one was injured now the red cross is helping about 11 families. no word yet on what sparked the blaze. it's been months since the city passed a new bottle tax but some store owners still aren't paying up. critics say the two cent tax made it marks to compete with county stores nearby. >> many of our customers shop in the county, they have cars, they travel, and they look for the
8:33 am
best deals and certainly we're not able to offer them in certain packages on sodas. meanwhile some store owners are renewing efforts to repeal the tax. a terror plot foiled. police in port land stop a teen from blowing up a bomb at a holiday ceremony. the fbi says the teen had been plotting the attack for months. >> reporter: the christmas tree lighting ceremony in oregon was a target of a suspected terrorist who tried to blow up a van he believed was loaded with explosives. the fbi provided fake
8:34 am
explosives. police arrested mohamad osman mohamad just after he dialed a cell phone that he believed would detonate six 55-gallon drums filled with explosives. agents first started mohamad after getting a tip from someone concerned about him. an affidavit says he worked with under cover federal agents for months on his plan. officials sea he was acting alone with no guidance from terrorist organizations. >> it's disturbing because you see american citizens partaking, as the -- as the fish would say, mobilized to attack american citizens. >> here in times square a car bomb was attempted to be exploded. >> mohamad was a student at oregon state university. he lived off campus. >> there wasn't anything, you
8:35 am
know, theoretically or ledgely or anything else in terms of why port land, it was just a nearby target. >> reporter: officials say he wanted to kill as many people as possible. >> mohamad is due in court on monday. at that big to fly, that's what one airline told a teen. timothy white was supposed to be a flight, the airport told him he needed to buy two seats to fly. nearly of the boys had a credit card to pay for the flight so the plane left without them. >> somebody walked up to me and tell me i be too big for the seat is nerve-wracking. that's amazing. i had to buy another ticket. >> southwest says it's policy says even if the plane is too full the customer still has to buy an extra seat but they will
8:36 am
be reimbursed. getting out the christmas lights is never as easy as it should be, many people tend to procrastinate. some people, that's not the case. >> 3, 2, 1. [ applause ] >> reporter: 34th street in it hampden lights up for the holidays holidays. >> would you like a cookie? >> yes. >> now? >> we were here in '07, it's gotten more packed every year. >> and more lit up as homeowners add more decorations. >> i've been doing this ever since i came to this country ten years ago. it seems crazy when i first saw it but it's a big part of my life now. i love it. >> reporter: and a tradition for his children. >> i like the lights a lot.
8:37 am
>> reporter: so what could possibly be missing from the celebration that spans the streets and now generations? >> it would be better if it was snowing but it's nice. >> reporter: for creating christmas memories year after year. and the miracle on 34th street has been a baltimore tradition since 1947. >> and if you are looking for something to do other than seeing lights or watching the ravens game there is still time for the at the time at this value of trees, today is the last day of the festival of trees at the timonium fair grounds. special appearances by dorothy hamill and ravens players have been there through the weekend. this is all part of wjz's continuing community commitment. >> you said you went yesterday. >> i did. very nice trees. one of the trees i thought was really interesting was the alice
8:38 am
in looking glass tree. lot of things are -- it's pretty unique. you'll find your favorite and of course you have to contain the little ones. they were running wild. >> of course, just let them loose, at that point you are just like just go. >> definitely a good place to go if you want to get out of the cold for a little while. pretty chilly very warm and toasty in there. our forecast if you are going out to the game is this. 4:15 kickoff time. we'll be right around the heat of the day which is 46. sunny and chilly temperatures dropping through the day and evening. of course sun set is just around 4:30 so you only have a few minutes of sun before the game starts to go into, we'll call it nighttime. but it's going to be a pretty nice day until then, good bit of sunshine. we're at 32 degrees right now. 22 the dewpoint. humidity 66%. 30.36 very high bar ammeter in control currently.
8:39 am
we have temperatures ranking from the 20s, 27 in cumberland to about 35 down on the shore, 31 in elkton, we have 37 down near the nation's capital. 14 mile per hour coming from the north, north west. yesterday low pressure up to our north, and high pressure building in created a bit of a pressure gradient we'll call it and the winds picked up pretty substantially through the afternoon. right now the low has moved away, the high is building in and we're under a dome of high pressure and it's really dominating the forecast. looking at blue skies and much calmer conditions. while it does stay pretty cold it will allow for warmer air to come in. it does come account cost of some rain, however, and we'll start to see temperatures going up. there's a bit of a trade off there. it will not be a wash out but could be a pretty gray two days
8:40 am
going into the middle of the week. small craft advisory has now been lifted. so we're looking at brilliant sunshine today. overnight lows -- nice day tomorrow, 50 degrees, plenty of sunshine for your next five days, 60 degrees on tuesday, 54 on wednesday after that front moves through we drop down into the mid 40s much like we are for this weekend. okay. still ahead on eyewitness news, sunday morning, there's a new way to ease the pain of many americans. >> we talk to an expert about a way to treat knee pain. >> nearly 1,000 table tennis players are in baltimore for the championship. it's happening here at the baltimore convention center. we'll talk to one of those players coming up.
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a nice day ahead to be at m andt bank stadium. kind of chilly though, looking at 34 degrees at 8:44 this sunday morning. welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. they are the best of the best when it comes to table tennis
8:44 am
and this weekend they're in baltimore. >> the table tennis championships are going on downtown, wjz is life at the convention center. i haven't seen you with a paddle yet, sharon. >> this is my fifth year and i gave up on that in my second or third year. i couldn't even hit the ball. they made me look really bad. rich looks really good compared to me. as far as the table tennis championship, it is team table tennis and it is the north american championship and there are nearly 1,000 players here to compete and we actually have one of those players, dora. good morning. >> good morning. >> now, you have an interesting background. you've actually been playing competitively for quite some time. but you actually have branched out into your own business that you do table tennis sports psychology as well. something that i never heard of. >> yes. it's a very new field.
8:45 am
and i just started working on sports psychology business in table tennis and i'm working on my online business, which is called get your game face on. and it's basically a space to bring out their best when they perform. >> are any of your clients in today's tournament? >> well, some of the players are teenagers and they are competing here. >> very good. and you are competing as well. how long have you been playing? >> i've been playing 14 years. >> how many hours a day do you practice? >> i used to practice three hours a day. but now i play -- when i played professionally. but now it's less, because i'm not just competing, i'm working. >> and actually you have an interesting job. table tennis has gotten really big over the last few years. tell me a little bit about your job, you just moved to new york.
8:46 am
>> i just moved to new york and i started working at new york and one of the owner is susan sarandon, it really help to make table tennis popular. it's special, because it's table tennis but it's a bar as well. >> how popular is it? >> i think it's very, very popular, and very fun and i would recommend anybody who is in new york check it out. >> actually, susan sarandon i understand was here yesterday. you can check it out as well. it costs $20 to get in. the matches actually start in about 15 minutes. the championship match is at 4:00 p.m. and all the games should be over around 6. back over to you guys. >> lot of action going on. thank you, sharon, reporting live from the convention center this morning. all right. still ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning we're taking a look at the newest invention in
8:47 am
helping to treat knee pain and we'll have more with the professionals to tell us more about the bionic knee coming up. ,,,,,,
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osteoarthritis affects more than 20 million nationwide every year. now, there is a new way to treat it. >> that's right. dr. ronald delanois, we are also joined by. >> donna shores from sinai hospital, the ruben institute, talking to us about the newest technology, the bionic knee. >> good morning. >> how does this work?
8:50 am
>> one is a brace that functions as an unloader, what that means is it takes the pressure from one side of the knee and shifts it to the other side of the knee. so from the bad side to the good side. >> okay. >> and the second method is by creating electrical signal, there's two paths, it creates an architecture signal that travels through the joint to improve the pain. >> aren't people doing that naturally when you have that pain you kind of shift your weight to the good side? >> you do. that's exactly right. but we generally can't shift enough. so this helps shift it to a better position. >> i see. so you are shifting, but it's really not good for you on your own? >> well, no, you know, everybody will shift and they'll try to accommodate and that's not a bad thing. >> okay. >> shifting, we do this with a little bit more with the brace. >> now, this comes with a controller. we showed a little bit about it
8:51 am
during the tease here. show us how this works, you are actually wearing it. >> it attaches to your belt. >> i see a bunch of controls. are you actually motion by motion pushing the button to get it to -- how does that work. >> you set it at a function level where the, you feel the current then you decrease it until you don't feel it. >> wow. >> what kind of patient would develop something like this. >> osteoarthritis is really a pervasive in our culture. so you know it's on the rise. so a lot of patients actually develop osteoarthritis. really there are not a lot of great options for it. this is just another alternative treatment to help from preventing a knee replacement. >> is it a sports injury or as you are maturing. >> people get osteoarthritis for a number of years, some sports related, some age related, we're definitely a more active society now, we're a larger society now,
8:52 am
all these things contribute to earlier arthritis. this will help us remain active. >> donna, you are a patient suffering with osteoarthritis. how has this enhanced your life? >> gave me my life back. i'm able to spend time with my grandchildren, i was able to go trick or treating for three hours without any pain. i don't have any pain at all. >> it is the goal to eventually get them off of the bionic knee where they improve? >> well, the goal is always to get people off of braces, the reality they will probably have some type of maintenance in use of the brace. that's okay, if i can prevent them from getting a knee replacement then they are much happier. >> how do you determine whether or not this is for you? >> i think you need to come in and see us. the reality is you won't know until you come, you get the right x-rays, get the right evaluation, and then we determine whether or not you're
8:53 am
a candidate. ifoff got moderate to mild arthritis i think you are a good candidate for this procedure. >> always think of $6 million man running 60 miles an hour, donna, you ready to do that? >> i can go up and down steps which is a miracle. i couldn't shop, i couldn't walk. now i have my life back. >> that's a great story. >> it is wonderful. it's a miracle. >> you are the bionic woman. >> i am, i'm telling you. it's the best thing i've ever discovered, i'm not on any pain medication or anything. >> to contact you the website is on the screen, www.hips knees and and you can see this on to get all this information again. doctor, donna, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> great information. and of course we'll be right back with your 5-day forecast.
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8:56 am
46 degrees today. rain tuesday and wednesday. back into the mid 40s by thursday and friday. with overnight lows down around freezing. the city of albuquerque new mexico just got a little brighter at night. >> the river of lights began yesterday. >> it's lions, penguins and polar bears, oh, my. >> organizers say it takes more than two months to put together all this, the event draws in about 75,000 people every year. wow. much like our miracle on 34th street in hampden. we were just talking about donna shore and dr. ronald delanois from the ruben institute. this is one of those things donna that would help you, this bionic knee technology. if you are going out to see the lights, the festival of trees, this is really something you
8:57 am
would have needed. >> exactly. i can walk now. i can walk. i can go up and down steps. i'm pain-free. given me my life back. >> i have a relative who is scheduled for knee replacement. you said to cancel and go see dr. delanois. >> right. >> that's our report for this sunday morning, i'm gigi barnett. >> and for the doctor and donna, >> and for the doctor and donna, we'll be back next saturday,, ♪
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